Hot and Bothered

2010-08-16 01:57:09 by Kalaloo-NB

I have enjoyed my summer due to new experiences and different accomplishments. Sadly, my achievements do not include the completion of any flash shorts I started on months ago. Constantly I have put one project, titled the Lamp, up on hiatus because of other priorities. Now that I feel I have the time to finish my tablet has been dying and reviving randomly and it slows work flow significantly. I feel like giving up on this piece but I don't want to, especially because of the quality work I have received from one ng voice actor, XTREEMMAK. Good or not I just want to finish this before I start my senior year at school and begin working on my senior film, which will be my biggest project priority for at least oh eight months?

Got to keep the eyes on the prize...

I Love You Warmth!

2010-03-22 00:22:22 by Kalaloo-NB

It's so nice to not have to wear a sweater indoors. Spring's practically here and the the last quarter of my junior year at school is about to start. Must prepare for internships graaaargh! Actually I'm not as stressed about this internship thing as much as I would have been last year. It's just so hard to be worried about things right now. The flowers are blooming, the bees are emerging and its sooo warm. Mmmm.

I got a lot of work done on my personal flash The Lamp but did not get done in a week's time like I wanted, but that's alright I should be done with the animation soon then it will be time for editing and sound effects (screenshot attached). I just hope my tablet does not die out on me before then. I need to save up for a decent sized Wacom. The Genius brand is great and all but it has a design flaw. The cord that connects to the pad is pinched just behind the plastic. It slowly loses connectivity over time. This is my second tablet and I have to try funky tricks to get it to work after owning it for at least seven months.

Ah well it's still Spring :)

I Love You Warmth!

Starting Out a Lil Rough

2010-01-27 22:03:08 by Kalaloo-NB

It's almost the end of the first month in 2010 and man has it been a crazy winter in the US. I'm not very tolerant of the cold and am surprised that I haven't gotten terribly sick yet considering that my roommate and I aren't trying to use the heater unit to save money. But that's alright only another month and a half until it gets really warm, right?... Right?... Guh...

Well weather aside I must say that I'm enjoying school. I wish I had done better on my first assignment for character animation II but one learns from ones mistakes. I must say though that I hope to jump on board with a short student film that's in production. Of course with school, work and offering my talents on a student film may push back my own personal projects' schedule.

I'm currently producing a short and it is going quite slow due to recent events. Perhaps I will be able to take a big chunk of it out during spring break if I am not able to work on it this winter quarter. Oh well must not over exert oneself. It's always one step at a time.

Remember to keep warm everyone!

Been quite a while

2009-08-09 22:22:58 by Kalaloo-NB

I've been away for quite some time on newgrounds, and will soon be entering my third year of college. Hooray for juniors! Time to get ready for another level off difficulty. Mmm.

Right now I'm working on a short film for a festival due in about a month. When I'm done with it, it'll be one of the first things I've uploaded onto this site in well... years really. Anyway check back with me in about a month and pray that I finish this baby in time for the festival due in early September.

Peace, love and all that jazz,

Will I have time for NG?

2007-08-24 00:40:15 by Kalaloo-NB

Well things are all set and ready! I'm going to a prestigious art school just as i planned when I first joined NG. Sadly, i'm not sure if I'll be making many flashes while I'm there. Eh we'll see. I'll try and finish one before I leave since my last submission was in February.

And I'm off! *flies away*