Entry #5

Hot and Bothered

2010-08-16 01:57:09 by Kalaloo-NB

I have enjoyed my summer due to new experiences and different accomplishments. Sadly, my achievements do not include the completion of any flash shorts I started on months ago. Constantly I have put one project, titled the Lamp, up on hiatus because of other priorities. Now that I feel I have the time to finish my tablet has been dying and reviving randomly and it slows work flow significantly. I feel like giving up on this piece but I don't want to, especially because of the quality work I have received from one ng voice actor, XTREEMMAK. Good or not I just want to finish this before I start my senior year at school and begin working on my senior film, which will be my biggest project priority for at least oh eight months?

Got to keep the eyes on the prize...


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2010-08-16 02:15:02


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2010-11-12 22:06:05

Keep on truckin'!